Telemarketing Training Programs Will Help You Increase Sales in NYC New York

NYC Telemarketing Training

Utilize the Power of Telemarketing for Your New York Business

Tele-Marketing is a powerful tool, but often ineffectively utilized. Whether you want to generate reasonably-priced appointments or successfully close a sale, the custom script, training, and application of our telemarketing program gives powerful results.

Increase Sales through Telemarketing Training in NYC New York

Asking proper questions is just one element in the process. Recognizing the responses and using that knowledge is crucial in moving torward a closed deal. Every training program for telemarketing will coach your representatives in the skills needed to begin to build a rapport. They will master listening techniques needed to wait for the answers. They will be taught how to hear what the essential "hot buttons" or influencing elements required to close.

Revolutionize your Telemarketing Strategies Today in Your NYC Business

Our RADAR© telemarketing training will help your employees create a setting where the potential customers sell themselves by discovering what they want, why they want it, and how you are able to give it to them.

ach telemarketing training program is fit to your business, your trade and your community. Plus, every sales training program fuses the expertise and tools used by your leading achievers.

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NYC Telemarketing Workshops


    • Building Rapport with Prospects
    • Asking Prospects About Their Difficulties (Their True Needs)
    • Affirming that you understand their needs and building credibility and trust
    • Providing Prospects with Results (allowing a prospect to accept that they need a product)
  • What Makes R.A.D.A.R.© Work
    • Prospects have the chance to talk about what they like about the product
    • Rather than assumptions, the conversation focuses on prospect needs
    • Results and product benefits are more tangible
    • Where you begin.
    • How to lead the prospect to a close.
    • How to connect the dots to create a complete picture
    • Directing and leading a call instead of following
    • Review and emphasize benefits.
    • Pick up on cues a prospect gives to show interest
    • Your goal is to work with the prospect to reach his or her goal—see from the prospect's point of view