NYC customer service training

Customer Service Training for Your NYC New York Business

New York City has always been known as a city full of opportunity and thus one of the most competitive markets in the country. When you teach your team how to continually deliver customer service excellence you gain main advantages over each of your competitors. When your service is BETTER, FASTER and FRIENDLIER customers come back more often and the average sale is also larger. All things being equal customers spend with the people they like and even when things are not equal they will often spend more just because they like the experience at a given business.

This seminar will give your team the skills to elevate the customer service experience and teach your people how to make your business stand apart from the countless competitors every NYC business has.

How Your Customers Will Benefit with Customer Service Training in NYC New York

  • They will receive Friendlier and more attentive service
  • They will "feel" your staff understands the customer's needs
  • Customers will feel a greater level of trust and comfort
  • Customers will know their issue was heard and ownership was taken of the situation

Sample of Customer Service Training Topics Covered

  • How everyone is responsible for the customer service experience
  • Why customer service is the cornerstone of sales success
  • The role of customer service in repeat sales
  • How to deliver great service that inspires positive reviews
  • Managing the customer's needs
  • Why the customers "interpretation" of a situation is TRUE even if it's not accurate
  • How to manage and meet each customer"s TOP TWO issues or concerns
  • How to calm an upset customer
  • Seven Specific Steps to Delivering Customer Service Excellence

Why Invest in Customer Service Excellence

Every member of your team influences the customer service experience. Even staff that rarely works with the customer can leave a lasting impression of your organization. Those people often interact with other staff and thus impact the overall mood of the office or organization. A happy team creates an environment that creates a happy customer. So everyone from the most senior managers, to the staff on the front line as well as those behind the scenes will influence the customer service experience. Our programs are customized to meet the needs of specific departments as well as the needs of an entire organization. Please call to learn how we will tailor a program to your team, your situation and to your customers.

  • Role playing activities emphasize the information and tailor every customer service method to suit your representatives individual personality and style.
  • Personal customer service training consultations match the training to results that calm challenging customers fast and meet customer needs.
  • Limited class size to ensure individual attention.
  • Applicable customer service methods for the New York marketplace.
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