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Customized Certified High Performance Coaching for your NYC New York Business

What's the #1 thing everyone in the world wants?

Can you answer that?
What does everyone want so desperately?
I believe the answer is simple, They Want it All.

  • They want more recognition and success professionally.
  • They want to be happier.
  • They want passion as well as to be heard in their relationships.
  • They want more money an financial freedom.
  • More energy, vibrance and better health.
  • More productivity as well as more leisure time.
  • More meaning.

Everyone wants it all, more of everything on that list, right?

Coaching helps you have it all.

Coaching Puts You in the Zone
Coaching Keeps you in the Zone.

To have it all you need to activate your full potential everyday. To Be your best, to consistently be a high performer you need be playing all out, each day and fully engaged. Coaching helps you have the energy, focus, productive, influence, and clarity of purpose to reach any goal.

It takes commitment. The mental game of staying fully on course is the hardest part. And most people struggle and stress more than necessary to achieve their goals.

We all want more. We all know more is possible. We have big goals and we know what like could be like if they were achieved. Unfortunately people let themselves get taken off the fast track by life's curve balls and commitments that compete with their goals and dreams. In stead of excitement for the goal they feel stressed, overwhelmed, and burdened. Even worse as each day, suddenly turns into years they are older, more tired and the goal becomes something continually out of reach while the stress stays ever present.

What's Your Situation?

Are you less productive, influential, or effective in an each area of your life than you would like?
Do you achieve one goal while paying the price in another area of life?
Do you trade money for time?
Do you have lots of time but lack productivity or focus?
Are you struggling to make things happen quickly, or to influence your team or customers?
Have you a high achiever, but stuck or struggling with hitting the ceiling that boxes you in?
Have you gotten comfortable, and lost some of the drive needed to go to the next level?
Have you lost some of the edge that was your secret sauce?

I'm a NYC based coach that has changed people's lives.
With over 25 years of coaching experience I help you make it happen
I even put my butt on the line and GUARANTEE IT

I can help you. My name is Mark Anthony, and I’m one of 200 elite Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world. If you are serious about achieving your goals faster and more efficiently take 20 minutes to fill out a questionnaire, (make it a link) as the first step to my helping you too:

  • Develope the mindset and habit the World's Top Achievers
  • Have the mental and physical energy to pursue your goals like it was play. It's quick and easy!
  • Create more time each day and spend more time on your life purpose
  • The #1 secret you MUST follow to have more INFLUENCE with people
  • How to define your purpose, get rid of distraction, and FINALLY gain momentum in life

I work with Top Achievers. People that have a lot to offer. People that want to play at an even higher level and are figuring how to do it all while juggling numerous aspects of life. I want to teach you six simple principles you can use to better master your mind, body, and ability to be more productive and persuasive. These strategies will completely change how you feel, manage your day, and influence others.

I will teach you the habits and mindset of high performance. We all have 24 hours in a day. We all have challenges. High Performance players in the game of life use different strategies. In our free consultation I want to give you the opportunity to gain a greater sense of clarity, purpose and productivity. As part of the CHPC Certified High Performance Coach™ process you will learn the exact strategies and questions the world's most accomplished and influential people use to manage their emotions, schedule their days, persuade others, and keep their passions and purpose clear and alive. You will define your path and the process to achieve your goals. You will change your life.

To be blunt, if you’re not using the six principles daily, that I will teach you as well as have you consistently utilizing it is a tough and stressful road to goal achievement. The strategies I will teach will make the process more fun, and more joyful. You will feel mentally and emotionally lighter while working toward your goals. It will require effort on your part but with 25 years of experience and a formal process to follow it will a great journey. Please reach out for a FREE CONSULTATION. Fill out the questionnaire and take step one

If it’s your time for a dramatic change and rapid advancement in your personal and professional life, then I’d like to work one-on-one with you to break through your barriers and help you reach your highest potential and performance in all you do.

Let’s set up a private and CONFIDENTIAL CALL. To start, and to see if you qualify, just follow these instructions right now:
Fill out my questionnaire form here for a free strategy session

Once I review your application and determine you’re a right fit, I will schedule a free one-on-one consult with you. Yes, really – I’ll help you for free on this one. I’m looking forward to working with you. Let’s make this your breakthrough year.

Why You Should Let Us Train Your Team

Interactive and Specific Exercises

Role playing lessons emphasize the information and develop each sales training approach to match your agents' individual selling methods.

NYC sales workshops

Unique Follow-up Program Holds Your Team Accountable

Your benefits don't end when the training is over. We follow up all our programs to see how the strategies you learned have helped your business get more sales.

Our 1, 2, and 3 Day Seminars

  • Friendly rapport building techniques
  • 11 ways to gain your prospect's attention
  • Goal setting and visualization exercises
  • Increase the number of cold calls
  • Make sales reps better listeners
  • Techniques to handle any objection