How to use Pay-Per-Click Campaigns to increase traffic and leads in New York City NY


Think of your website as your digital salesperson or brochure. It is capable of having a strong message while also looking polished and professional. However, you won’t have any business if it's not out there in front of hundreds of potential customers who search for your products or services every day.

If your business is new to the internet, don’t be daunted by your competitors with high-tech, flashy websites. It's likely that they paid a graphic designer to make the website as an e-business card that they have no idea how to hand out.

We will help you market your website while keeping the costs low. We ensure a market for your product by advertising it to your target demographic. You will appeal to and pay for only the customers you would like to visit your website.

Decrease Costs And Improve Profit With Pay-Per-Click Campaigns in New York City NY

We can create an online advertising campaign where crucial keywords and phrases are ordered at the top of the dominant search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Millions of people search on these websites every day. They are looking for your company but just may not have found it yet. Typically, we strive to have our clients rank on the first page of Google for hundreds of search terms.

While many methods for dominating page one rankings exist, the fastest and most cost-effective way is through a well-planned pay-per-click campaign. Our method uses both free organic rankings in addition to sponsored advertisements in order to optimize the performance of your digital marketing.

Phase 1: Formulate and Commence a Targeted Digital Marketing Campaign


Phase 1 Steps:

  • 1. Evaluate current website for imperative keywords and phrasing.
  • 2. Examine the industry for common keywords and phrasing.
  • 3. Outline an index of key words and phrases that are relevant to your company.
  • 4. Increase the list to come to an often overlooked but very qualified target market.
  • 5. Create ads for your products and services
  • 6. Create ads for specific ad groups.
  • 7. Study applicable bids for the words and phrases included.
  • 8. Plan company goals and define advertising budget.
  • 9. Set up accounts on advertising platforms of major search engines.
  • 10. Submit ads and bids to search engines.

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Phase 2: Managing Program And Conversion Rates


Phase 2 Steps:

  • 1. Analyze the traffic for every keyword and phrase.
  • 2. Observe conversion rates and click-through rates.
  • 3. Evaluate bidding and ad placement based on performance.
  • 4. Test out different ads.
  • 5. Heighten bids or remove ads, dependent on the R.O.I.
  • 6. Go over results with you or your marketing department.
  • 7. Enforce ad and bid changes as needed.

Since you only pay for the people that clicks on your ads and go to your site, pay-per-click is a very cost-effective advertising practice. In order to have a powerful campaign, it is absolutely imperative that you take out the words and phrases that depletes your budget due to a high cost and low conversion rate. An efficient pay-per-click campaign costs one-third of an advertisement in the Yellow Pages.

The low cost and endless perks of our pay-per-click program put print advertising to shame.

Our program will emphasize forming a list of profitable words and reducing your expenses on overly competitive terms. The ad copy will also focus on lowering the amount of “lookers,” or people who just scan the site and don't add to your advertisement efforts. As a result, your click-through rate will decrease and the conversion rate will increase – meaning, more sales and/or calls while lowering your advertising cost.

We work with all of our clients personally in order to grant every campaign the attention it deserves. Our goal is to have a great rapport with the business owners and marketing team. I have a proven track record with various clients from Breast Imaging to Office Supplies to Contractors. Some of our satisfied clients include:

Alex Minzer,
As a result of our website consultation and pay-per-click campaign, Alex's business has skyrocketed from $0 in sales to $2.5 million in annual revenues in only two years. It is quickly approaching the $3 million mark and will do so by the conclusion of its third year in operation. Alex's company has recently become Customer Certified by BizRate on due to our marketing efforts and its continued reliable business.

Bill Raymond, Frank & Lindy Plumbing and Heating
Once Bill discovered the benefits of an effective pay-per-click campaign, he was able to increase his business by 175% while slashing his marketing budget by 67%. He recently won a national award for his success from the Nexstar network of independent electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing service contractors.

Michael Carlin, MD Building Services
After acquiring us on his team for pay-per-click campaigning, Michael quickly began receiving multiple quality appointments, resulting in significant annual contracts.

Ted Hasle, 4 Star Services
Soon after beginning his pay-per-click campaign with us, Ted was able to lower significantly his advertisement spending while he sent out more service technicians on more service calls.

We have earned our standing by helping companies become more successful and reach their full potential. Time and time again, we uphold our commitment to develop your company while keeping marketing expenses at a structured and workable price. Additionally, we can hold consultations on how to build your website so we can escalate your site traffic. In the digital age, a strong web presence is imperative in order to keep yourself ahead of your competition. Minimizing expenses helps as well. Our business has the background and training to guarantee that you will reach your business' capabilities of having a strong web presence.

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A Few Ways We Customize:

  • Interview Management
  • Interview some Staff
  • Interactive Learning exercises
  • Role Plays
  • Industry Specific Examples
  • Case Studies
  • Custom Workbooks
  • Custom Power Point
  • Post Seminar Follow-up