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Sales Training Accountability to Meeting Sales Quota in NYC NY

Often the biggest differences between someone continually meeting sales goals and someone who consistently doesn't comes down to just doing the work and knowing where they want to be in terms of their goals and why they want to be there. Many talented sales people book average productivity because they don't put in the effort. In other instances, less talented reps put in the work throughout the entire sales process and therefore surpass the productivity of other more talented or experienced sales people.

Sales Training: Sales people must know their numbers in NYC NY

Making your quota or hitting your target is easy and predictable once you know what the SUB numbers are. Sometimes reps say they missed their target because they didn't have enough prospects, the buying process was slower than expected, or for a variety of other reasons. When it comes down to it, hitting the numbers is the reps responsibility and when they are missed it is usually because numerous corners on the sales foundation were cut.

Learn what numbers makeup the foundation of the sales process:

  • 1. What is the sales total targeted
  • 2. What is the average sale amount
  • 3. How many sales are needed based on average sales size
  • 4. What is average close rate (I.e. 1 in 5, 1 in 15, etc.)
  • 5. Therefore how many prospects must be reached
  • 6. How many calls are needed to reach a prospect
  • 7. How much time is needed to reach the appropriate size prospect pool
  • 8. How will you make that much time available in your schedule and will you put it in
  • 9. Where will you get those prospects
  • 10. Do you have a plan to be in control of your prospect pool

Most salespeople know the first two numbers on the list but the deeper into the list we go the amount of reps in control of knowing their SUB numbers then drops rapidly.

For example if the target is $10,000 in sales and the average sale is $2,000 then five sales are needed. If the close rate is 1 in 8 then 40 prospects must be reached to get the five sales of $2,000 each.

If 40 prospects must be reached and it takes 10 dials to each prospect to work them through the sales process, then 400 dials must be made. If you average 10 calls per hour then forty hours is needed to make the appropriate amount of calls required. If these are monthly goals then ten hours is needed each week. If weekly, then forty hours is needed just for calls – and that is not even accounting for email, meetings, breaks' etc.

Do you have forty (illustrative example) qualified prospects to reach each week or month? Did you have your schedule properly coordinated? Do you have leads flowing in? If not, do you have a way to be in control of qualified leads rather than counting on other people or sources to supply them? Is sales carved out as a priority in your schedule so each of the appropriate actions to meet both Target and SUB numbers is met?

Do the backwards math.

By working through items 1 through 10, you will have a solid foundation of accountability to both your Target Quota and the SUB numbers. Work your way up the list from item 10 up to number 1 and your sales plan will be solid. You will continually meet your goals, know where you are in the process of hitting your numbers' and know if you are on track.

The backward math process will have you always know where you stand. Hitting or missing your numbers will now never be a surprise.


  • Do the backwards math for the next month and quarter
  • Track your action to see if you are on or behind schedule in terms of actions
  • Rate yourself green, yellow or red

Green is on schedule

Yellow is actions are a bit behind schedule

Red is very behind schedule and will likely miss target

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