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Learning Effective & Efficient Customer Service Refresher in NYC NY

OBJECTIVE: To allow your customer service team to develop a stronger customer service “experience” skill set and build on the goal of offering unmatched service from accounts payable, dispatch, business office administrators, repair technicians, etc. WHETHER YOUR TEAM IS IN RETAIL, HOME IMPROVEMENT OR OFFICE SUPPORT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ESSENTIAL, THROUGH A HIGHLY INTERACTIVE TRAINING PROGRAM.

Custom Designed Customer Service Refresher Coaching in NYC NY

1 Hour a week for 4 weeks is all it takes to revitalize your customer service approach...

This course can be presented on premises or set up as a webinar and is designed for all employees of your company. Who doesn't have one hour a week to work on improving their company's customer service skills?

This Customer Service Program will Help Your New York City Business by focusing on the following objectives:

1) Getting each member of the team to recognize and then utilize their ideal speaking patterns for each communication/interaction. Patterns that enhance a can do attitude, politely push for prompt resolution and increase satisfaction ratings.

2) Teaching the service team to generate client comfort in the “piece of mind” offered through speaking with confidence.

3) Developing the ability to ask targeted questions and utilize active listening skills to optimally understand the meaning of what they were told.

4) Developing the skills necessary to confidently guide the homeowner and have them recognize that you are focused on their needs and solutions.

Week 1: Connect with the homeowner/property manager’s needs

  • Establish a “relationship/connection”
  • Hear what the “customer” says
  • Active listening
  • Building Rapport
  • Understand the caller's problems, pain and challenges
  • Assure the customer that “we” know what they want and need
  • Recognize or Uncover ultimate benefit “customer” needs & urgency to solve needs

Week 2: Customer Service Solutions (in person & phone)

  • Review assignment, success stories, real world challenges
  • How to qualify urgency and level of customer’s problem
  • Why and How customer service is the backbone of satisfaction ratings, growth and lifetime customers
  • What makes for EXCELLENT vs. good customer service
  • How to take a customer from upset to “singing” your praises
  • How to go from question answerer to PROBLEM SOLVER
  • Create good first impressions that focus on a great experience and satisfactory resolution of issues when someone needs assistance
  • How to start conversations with favorable openings that shift “customer mood” from hurried, defensive or aggressive to calm and comfortable

Week 3: Take Ownership: Establish Credibility as Problem solving expert

  • Review assignment, success stories, real world challenges
  • A.N.A.W.A.R.D.™ winning level of customer service
  • Seven Keys to customer service excellence
  • Urgency to see and fill customers needs and eliminate concerns
  • Position member staff as consistently delivering the value and solution the customer's wants and needs
  • Always making the customer feel like #1
  • Offering benefits/value and solutions, not facts/features and impersonal answers
  • Ultimately taking ownership of the problem and the SOLUTION

Week 4: Overcoming Problems and Concerns

  • Review assignment, success stories, real world challenges
  • Real world complaints, problems, issues and objections
  • Real world solutions
  • Battling perceived issues and situations rather than reality at hand
  • How your “Superstars” overcome problems
  • Dealing with Hidden agendas, biases, etc.
  • Timing: when to listen, when to take action (balancing empathy and efficiency)
  • How to create an “EVERYBODY WINS” feeling of resolution
  • Multiple ways to handle different personalities
  • Understanding peoples’ communications styles
  • Body Language & non-verbal communication clues
  • Your “Superstar” Approach
  • Asking for agreement and confirming customer satisfaction
  • For Customer Service Training in NYC and All Over New York Call (888) 973-5569 Today

  • Role playing activities emphasize the information and tailor every customer service method to suit your representatives individual personality and style.
  • Personal customer service training consultations match the training to results that calm challenging customers fast and meet customer needs.
  • Limited class size to ensure individual attention.
  • Applicable customer service methods for the New York marketplace.
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