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The Advanced Sales Training Technique of Making your Prospect Significant in NYC NY

As a seasoned sales professional, you know to focus on the prospect's needs over facts and features. You know to ask open ended questions to learn about which of the many needs your product satisfies is most important to your prospect. You also understand the concept that people buy for emotional reasons rather just on logic.

Many salespeople understand the concept of selling the emotional sizzle, but fall short on proactively implementing that process. Some of the biggest emotional drivers are the need for certainty as well as variety, love and belonging, along with contribution and self-growth. One of the biggest motivators that often leverages each of the preceding emotional sales triggers is the desire to be significant.

Sales Training Why Making the Prospect Significant Motivates them to Buy in NYC NY

People need to matter and they want to matter. Even many of the most powerful and influential people fear they are "not enough". From the earliest of years and throughout our lives, the opinions of others mean something. Even those folks that claim the opinions of others don't matter are boasting and proving a point. They are still driving for significance.

Think about the countless choices we make each day. A high percentage is based on our need to be significant. Someone may choose to enter politics to make a contribution but they also like being significant. Another person buys a fancy piece of jewelry that everyone notices, thus instantly being significant and maybe even becoming more accepted by a group of people too. If you have teenagers, you have seen how desires to meet those core needs greatly influence their purchases and behaviors. Most likely you are still doing that even as an adult on some level.

The list goes on and on. Someone may join a luxurious country club due to the best location and amenities, but the significance that comes with the prestigious membership is the real core driver. Think about how many people skip certain restaurants and hotels that offer a similar experience in favor of the more expensive one. We like the label. The label offers significance.

Budget shopping can also offer significance. When someone brags about what a great deal they found, or how well they negotiated, or how much they saved, they once again are making themselves feel more significant.

Even school and career accomplishments are driven by this same need. When you win the spelling bee, you are significant. When your teacher praises you or your parents post a picture on the fridge, you get to be significant. Being promoted to manager or being employee of the month adds to someone feeling significant.

The list of examples is endless. When multiple psychological sales motivators are tied to the same product experience, the sales force gets even stronger. As you read through each of the above examples, I'm sure you could see how the motivations may also have included love, connection with others, contribution or making a difference and so forth.

For the advanced salesperson, it should be clear that people were not really motivated for a medal, a pretty bracelet, or a ring. They did not buy the logo or the mint on the pillow in a hotel room. They bought the emotional feelings.

The more you focus on emotions, the faster you will close sales and the more often you will beat out competitors even when they are selling at a lower price.

Sales Training Exercise

  • 1. How does your product or service make someone more significant
  • 2. List at least 3 ways your prospect can make the prospect more significant
  • 3. Write out how this can become a formal part of your presentation and sales process

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