NYC customer service training

Customer Service Training in Manhattan, NYC NY


  • The material is reinforced with role-playing exercises.
  • Each customer service technique is shaped to fit the personal selling style and personality of each representative.
  • Representatives receive one-on-one consultations that develop skills to calm difficult customers and satisfy the needs of the customers.
  • Individual attention ensured with limited class sizes.
  • Real-world techniques in customer service from the New York marketplace .

Customized Training Program Designed to Fit Your NYC Industry

Two Examples of Customer Service Plans:

1.) Half-Day Seminar - A.N.A.W.A.R.D.™ - Winning Customer Service Program
2.) Full-Day Seminar - The Art of Turning Complaints into Compliments

Custom Customer Service Training & Coaching in Manhattan, NYC NY

INTENSIVE ½ DAY SEMINAR: A.N.A.W.A.R.D. ™ - Winning Customer Service Program

This program gives customer service representatives the techniques needed to immediately gain control of the conversation and calm heated prospects down.
They will learn:

  • Friendly techniques that build rapport and develop long-term customer service relationships
  • How to make a strong first impression and instantly gain the customer’s attention
  • How to develop trust and discover the specific needs of your customers with four sets of questions
  • How to deal with the dissatisfaction of the toughest customer with one essential technique
  • Eight steps that show the hidden reasons why a customer won’t “let go” of an issue
  • Four-part technique that illustrates how a customer benefits from your product over the competition’s
  • 7 ways to leave the customer happy
  • These techniques become second nature with role-playing exercises.

COMPREHENSIVE FULL DAY SEMINAR:  The Art of Turning Complaints into Compliments

In this customer service seminar, your support team – no matter their level of expertise - will learn skills and techniques that will improve customer satisfaction.

In addition to the customer service training techniques and benefits of the ½-Day seminar, your support team will also learn:

  • How to generate positive reviews regardless of how intense a situation is
  • Four steps that teach reps how to discuss benefits instead of difficulties
  • How to create repeat customer opportunities out of complaints
  • Three techniques that show how to make better listeners out of customer service reps
  • How to understand the reason behind a customer complaint and how to use the information to your advantage
  • How to read body language as well as the context of spoken words
  • Seven exercises that show how to handle the most common objections as well as challenges that keep reps from reaching all of their abilities

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  • Role playing activities emphasize the information and tailor every customer service method to suit your representatives individual personality and style.
  • Personal customer service training consultations match the training to results that calm challenging customers fast and meet customer needs.
  • Limited class size to ensure individual attention.
  • Applicable customer service methods for the New York marketplace.
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