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New York City Law requires some businesses to install backflow prevention, but what exactly is a backflow device?

Backflow prevention devices aim to keep the public water supply clean and ready to use. The Department of Environmental Protection and New York City Sanitary Code requires specific properties to install these plumbing devices and have them checked regularly. If you are unsure whether these laws apply to you and your business or if you simply want to know more about backflow prevention the experts at Maxwell Plumb are ready to help.

We can install and maintain a variety of backflow device designs to keep your property in Queens & New York City compliant with the sanitary code.

A backflow preventer utilizes a one-way valve to prevent unsafe water from getting "backed up" into the public water supply. We work with all major makes and models of backflow preventers in order to make your plumbing repairs convenient and reliable.

Here are a few simple examples of how a backflow preventer device works to keep public drinking water safe:


Let the experts handle all of your backflow repairs and maintenance in Queens, New York City by contacting Maxwell Plumb today at (718) 279-4441.

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