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Queens backflow device prevention
Backflow device installation

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If your NYC business or apartment building is in need of a backflow device installation or repair, we can help!

New York City Sanitary Code requires specific types of businesses to install and maintain a working backflow device. These plumbing installations protect public water supply from harmful chemicals and toxins. In New York City it is the property owner’s responsibility to have backflow prevention installed and maintained.


Check with Maxwell Plumb to see if your business in Queens, Manhattan or surrounding boroughs needs professional backflow testing and prevention.

We are Master Plumbers, ready to perform any and all plumbing installations and repairs your business might need. If you have received a violation from DEP or if you need backflow testing, call Maxwell Plumb today!

Contact us today at (718) 279-4441 or to keep your NYC business compliant with state sanitary code by having a backflow device installed.

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